The Apocalypse Generation

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The Apocalypse Generation is a timely critique of the world we live in which seems to be approaching some sort of tipping point. When one steps back and observes the way this planet is heading, one gets a distinct feeling that things are not quite right. Society appears to be falling apart. Everywhere people are fearful of what lies around the corner. There are straws in the wind and the storm clouds are gathering. The Apocalypse Generation puts world history in context and gives a clear vision of what is to come, and how to avoid it. Surely this is the ‘good news’ everyone needs to know, but will only be heard by those who have ‘ears to hear’. A must read.


Sue Parker, book reviewer,The Derry Star "This book answered many questions I have had all my life. I give it five stars." Patrick Cullen, Dublin "I read this book three times in a row and it saved my life. I was in a dark place because I had been drinking and I prayed to God for help. I found this book in a second hand book shop. It was a direct answer to prayer." Lisa White, Galway "After reading it several times, I came to the conclusion that this is exactly what is going on. I was overjoyed. Why is it that we were never thought the Bible as Roman Catholics? This man was an Irish Catholic yet he has an amazing understanding of Scripture. Every catholic should read this book."

Chapter 1

Dear Reader

The words you are about to read may be destined to change your life. I believe these words may be stepping stones by which you may pass safely through the flood waters that are beginning to rise around our feet.

These pages contain a summary of many of the prophecies of The Book of Revelation. There is exceedingly good news in the following chapters. In fact, without a knowledge of the information which will be provided herein, many will have very little hope, as there is also horrific news ahead. However, if you can finish this book to the end, I believe your life will be enriched and blessed as a result, for it is written in the third verse of the first chapter of The Book of Revelation:

"Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it...because the time is near."

Although from the neglect of The Book of Revelation, one would suppose it said, 'Blessed are those who do not read', since the blessing is so openly rejected.

These are the prophecies of Jesus Christ, the greatest of all prophets.This is the one book that Satan, the arch enemy of Jesus Christ, does not want you to read. For it chronicles his demise and foretells of his doom.

So this is a Christian book. In it you will get the Christian perspective. Some people may be offended by the opinions proferred. I make no apologies for this as I am not ashamed of Jesus Christ and I am willing to throw in my lot with him. Let the cards fall as they may.

If you are a critic and are reviewing this work, then know this is a book on escatology. More than likely you are ignorent of this topic. But, as the satirest Will Rogers once said, "Everyone is ignorant. Just in different subjects." My hope is that you may be swayed, by the weight of evidence, to acknowledge the literey and academic merits of the Bible, the Word of God, and the prophecy it contains.

A preacher was once asked, "How would you defend the truth of the Word of God?" After pondering the question he replied, " I would defend it as I would defend a lion in a cage. By opening the door and letting it out".

This is what I will endeavour to do in this message.

If you are already doubting the veracity of what you are now reading, I would urge you to put this book safely to one side. For very soon you may find yourself in the midst of the events that are about to unfold on this earth. In such a situation, the information contained in these pages may be invaluable to you and your loved ones.

The reason we are telling you these things are going to happen is so that when they begin to come to pass, you will know that we are telling you the truth, and that Jesus Christ is the key.


The Book of Revelation is the last book of the Bible and the only one that has not yet been fulfilled. It contains the prophecies of Jesus Christ concerning the last days of mankind on this earth as we know it. Many prophecies from the Old Testament find their fulfilment in the Book of Revelation.

The book was written by the apostle John on the Greek island of Patmos circa 96 AD. It has been called The Revelation of St. John the Divine. This is incorrect as its divine title is given in chapter one, verse one, The Revelation of Jesus Christ.

The Greek word for revelation is apokalupsis, which means 'to unveil', as in the lifting of a veil to reveal the face. It can also refer to the removal of a veil in order to reveal the events of the future.

Many of the prophecies found in the Old Testament Book of Daniel are echoed in Revelation. After Daniel received these prophecies he was told, "the words are closed up and sealed until sealed the time of the end". It is for this reason that few have been able to make much sense of The Book of Revelation for it contains many peculier visions, images and and phrases that have shrouded its secrets in a veil of mystery.

Although I have been a Biblical student since 1076, I, like most Christians, I knew or understood little of this book. However, because I now believe we are in the last days, the veil is being lifted and the secrets are being revealed..

Suppose, for a moment, that it is 1912. You are walking down the pier in Southampton with a ticket that what will take you to a new life in the land of promise. A stranger stops you and tells you not to board the ship because it is going to sink. But this ship cannot sink, you say. It is unsinkable. The stranger says he has proof and pulls from his pocket a movie called Titanic.

This book, The Apocalypse Generation, is the book of evidence. This world is fast approaching and unprecedented time of holocaust and destruction. But the good news is, you do not have to go down with the boat. I now invite you to consider the evidence.

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