Apocalypse and the End Times

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Ancient prophecies…modern science…all pointing to one frightening
conclusion. Is this the end of the world, or is there hope?

There have always been catastrophes in the world…but never before have there been so many, so frequently!Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, disease and war. Are we simply experiencing the natural order of things? Or are the signs we see happening around us the warnings of the End Times? In the 21st
century, are science and technology confirming the prophecies of old? Is the Great Pyramid of Giza the “alter and pillar” said to mark the last days by the prophet Isaiah?

“Apocalypse and the End Times” is the most comprehensive and compelling compilation of answers to these and other fascinating questions yet assembled. It will challenge your beliefs and even change the way you see the world…forever.

EXCLUSIVE DVD Bonus Features:

- Connection between the Great Pyramid, Nephilim and the End Times
- The Bible, America and End Time prophecy
- Jerusalem’s Temple Mount in End Time prophecy
- The case for natural disasters signalling the End Times
- Scholars answer End Time questions


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