Return of the Nephilim

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In this 90 minute presentation, Dr. Patrick Heron outlines the return of the fallen angels to earth in the coming Apocalypse. Using circa 50 colour images and video clips to illustrate his talk, Dr. Heron clearly sets out the involvement of these ‘gods’ in earthly affairs according to the Book of Revelation.

Who are these Nephilim? Are they the Anunnaki who traveled from Niburu thousands of years ago and sowed the seed of mankind on planet earth? Are they extraterrestrials who are making contact with us and are sometimes sighted as UFO phenomenon? Or perhaps they are ancient space-travelers who will one day return to help cure the ills of mankind? All of the above perhaps?

Where do they come from? And how will their soon return to earth impact the people of the world in the near coming Apocalypse?

Also in his talk, Patrick Heron details how the Great Pyramid of Giza will play a central role in this unfolding saga. Prepare to be amazed.


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