Patrick Heron on Coast to Coast… NWO & The Antichrist.

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Television producer and theologian, Patrick Heron discussed his work researching references to the Antichrist in the Bible, including connections to the Nephilim, and world prophecy. According to scripture, the Antichrist is “the beast who ascends out of the bottomless pit, having seven heads, and ten horns.” Other supernatural beings were also cast into this parallel dimension or “Abyss,” and will be released along with the Antichrist, he stated.

The Antichrist, Heron continued, will team up with the “False Prophet” and deceive the whole world “with their counterfeit & magical signs, miracles and wonders,” enabled by the fact that they are spirit beings. He believes we are living in End Times, nearing the Apocalypse- a word that refers to the pulling away of the veil. He cited the appearance of UFOs as messengers of deception– part of a conditioning process, prepping the world for the reappearance of the fallen angels.Patrick Heron is one of the most exciting guests ever to appear on Coast to Coast AM.

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